2013 BMW M6 Rockville

2013 BMW M6

In its third generation the 2013 BMW M6 has been around for 25 years. Quite an achievement in the modern automobile industry. It stays relevant by increasing its performance with introducing a new 4.4-liter V8 engine and a 7-speed twin-clutch transmission. The convertible and couple models of the M6 made their appearance last year, and carries onto this year. Safety equipment includes front and side airbags, with airbag curtains in the coupe, and rollbars in the convertible that extend when sensors detect a possible rollover. The electronic stability, traction and brake controls are sophisticated and complete.

Driving Impressions of the 2013 M6

A lot of those who have test drove the new M6 have found themselves left speechless, and with a smile ear to ear. The M6 for some are being described as the most thrilling test drive of their life. If you want speed, acceleration and incredible handling then the M6 is a great choice. For acceleration, depending on who is driving you can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.9-4.2 seconds. Such a burst out of the gate would surely get anyone's heart racing. And if that wasn't enough to almost give you a heart attack, the 2013 M6 tops out at 155 mph. A new trend with a lot of high-performance BMW models is making smaller more compact engines that produce better fuel-economy and increased horsepower. The 4.4-liter twin turbo engine produces 560 horsepower, and offers a bit better improved fuel economy from the former V10 engine block.

Exterior of the 2013 M6

First off it's a BMW, so its logo says luxury and class. But even if you are unfamiliar with the BMW brand and reputation, the M6 is going to grab your attention. The lines are sumptuous, with the convertible the black trim outlining the soft-top or when the soft top is down, the looks screams "lets go have some fun!". Yes the 2013 M6 is an attractive vehicle, but it is best described as athletic--and it performs like an athlete. It sprints like a track star. The back of the M6 is an example of powerful design, its stocky, wide, and with the wide tires and four exhaust tips if you were driving behind it you could just imagine it would escape from site in a blink of an eye. The front is wide, and the hood is stretched long to improve aerodynamic. The sides have district lines highlighted with chrome grilled slots to improve air flow from the front grille out the sides, like a fish.

Interior of the 2013 M6

Here is where you grow to appreciate the luxury of the BMW brand. On the interior the standard Merino leather upholstery is the upgraded version that you get from the BMW 6 series. The seats in the M6 are incredibly adjustable, and can adjust to just about anyone's preference. This also includes a fully adjustable headrest for added support. The instrumental display is beautiful and bright. It has silver-rimmed analog gauges, and with a 200mph speedometer max reading the BMW provides a driver a bit of optimism, since the vehicle is regulated to only 155mph, still plenty of speed. The HUD display is a feature that one should really look into because of how colorful it is, how brilliant and with a navigation system that is easy to follow. The navigation is displayed on a beautifully wide 10.2-inch screen with a big eave and special treatment so it can be read in the sunlight. The 2013 M6 is a prime example of class and functionality.

Model Lineup

The 2013 BMW M6 comes in a convertible and coupe. Both use a 4.4-liter V8 and 7-speed twin clutch transmission. Standard equipment is complete with Merino leather upholstery, carbon-fiber trim, leather-wrapped steering wheel, auto start-stop function, rear-view camera, xenon headlamps with adaptive light control, 19-inch alloy wheels, dynamic damper control, dynamic cruise control, LED foglamps, navigation system, Bluetooth, HD radio, full power, and more. The BMW M6 is a pure performance car. Read more about the latest news in performance vehicles if you are a fan of the BMW M6 and other models like it!