2013 BMW 5 Series Rockville

2013 BMW 5 Series

The 5 Series seats five comfortable, and offers a twin-turbo V8, a six cylinder single turbo, and a turbocharged four-cylinder. The 5 Series models include the 528i, 535i and the 550i. All of which have the eight-speed automatic transmission. New to the 2013 5 Series is the 535i and 550i models can now support the  BMW Individual Composition Package. This package includes a leather upholstery, 19 inch alloy wheels. Aside form this the navigational system has been updated to provide weather information and Google search. Safety features include; side curtain airbags, side impact airbags for front seats, electronic stability and four-wheel-disc antilock brakes.

2013 BMW 528i

The BMW 528i is the first level within the 5 Series model lineup. The sedan shares its platform with the larger 7 Series, and because of this it offers extraordinary room and comfort on the interior. Inside there is a climate control, cupholders in the center console and not flipping down from its dashboard. The optional navigation system has a 10.2 display screen, without navigation the display screen is reduced to just 7 inches, but both have the iDrive system optional. Exterior cues are similar with any of the BMW sedans, with the kidney grilles, and the adaptive Xenon lights are optional with the 528i. The 2013 528i has a 240 horsepower, turbocharged engine and eight speed automatic transmission.

2013 BMW 535i

The 2013 535i offers many of the same interior and exterior features that the 528i offers, but just one option sets them apart and that is the Individual Composition Package, which has the extended leather upholstery, and 19 inch alloy wheels just to name a couple of changes. From under the hood the major difference from the 528, is that the 535 has a 300 horsepower, turbocharged 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine, and like all the models within the 5 Series, it has an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2013 BMW 550i

Like the 535i, the 550i has the Individual Composition Package with the extended leather upholstery and so forth--but what makes this model the top of its class is the 400 horsepower, 4.4 liter premium V8 engine. Also it comes standard with the eight speed automatic transmission.

5 Series Grand Turismo

The hatchback version of the 5 Series is the Grand Turismo or GT model, and is offered with either the 535i or 550i as an upgraded version of the two. The 535i GT has a 300 horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder, while the 550i keeps the same engine, but has an improves its overall horsepower to 445. Also is fuel saving start and stop technology, and the BMW Eco Pro system. Both have the eight speed automatic transmission and are offered with either all wheel or rear wheel drive. The design of the GT is about six inches longer than the standard  5 Series models, which provides better comfort and room for passengers and drivers alike. This adds to the vehicles performance and luxury cost as well. The 5 Series GT is surely a large upgrade, and is built for those who want all the features, and the extra legroom.