2013 BMW 3 Series Rockville

2013 BMW 3 Series

The 2013 BMW 3 Series is the next grade up and size up from the compact 1 series. Also considered a compact sedan by classification, the 328 and 335 models have nothing compact about them in terms of performance or even appearance. The 3 Series has become the most popular model for those who purchase a BMW, and it has been the automaker's most successful model. Like the 1 Series, the 3 Series models also offer multiple body styles in the sedan, coupe and convertible. The most popular being the basic sedan. Safety features include; antilock brakes, electronic stability system, side curtain airbags, and side impact airbags. A new M Sport Line is available for the 328 and 335, and it brings 18-inch alloy wheels, sports seats, a sport suspension, an M steering wheel and styling changes.

2013 BMW 328

First on the block for the 2013 BMW 3 Series models is the modest 328. The sedan models are now offered with all wheel drive instead of rear wheel drive. A new Stop & Go technology allows for active cruise control that provides spacing between vehicles during heavy traffic, another great safety features for both the 328 and 335 models. The Sedan has increased in size by 3.7 inches, and has changes certain styling cues within the grill and side mirrors just to name a couple. On the inside the 3-Series models, the sedan can seat five, while the coupe and convertible can only seat just four passengers. With the increased frame size of the vehicle it provides the models with better legroom and large trunk space as well. The 328 comes with a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine that produces 240 horsepower. While other body styles still have the 230 horsepower inline six-cylinder. All 3 Series models have an optional six speed manual transmission.

2013 BMW 335

Many of the same changes done to the 228 stay true with with the 335 model as well. What differs is simply the engine of the 335, which is a much improved 300 horsepower single-turbo 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder engine. The sedan body style offers a 8 speed automatic transmission while the coupe and convertibles sitll only offer a 6-speed transmission. Also the coupe and convertible offer a twin-turbo engine, that pushes 320 horsepower through its 3.0 liter engine. Interior features for both the 328 and 335 are the same and both offer options like; push button start, automatic climate control, front and/or rear parking assist, satellite radio and navigational system to just name a few.


Being the poster child of a brand like BMW isn't an easy task, but the 2013 BMW 3 Series, more specifically the sedan has become the vehicle that many will imagine when the brand name is mentioned. Still classified as a compact vehicle, the 3 Series still offers remarkable comfort with its sedan styling for backseat passengers, a great amount of horsepower and all of the features exterior and interior that make a BMW a BMW. Classy and luxurious.