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2013 BMW 1 Series Rockville

2013 BMW 1 Series

The compact, rear wheel drive 1 Series is the least expensive of all the vehicles in the BMW lineup. It includes the 128i, 135i and 135is, all of which comes in coupe and convertible body style. With the compact vehicle being such a small market, and with the high-performance that the 1 series offers, there is very limited competiiton for BMW in this market and its a major reason why the brand has done so well. But the performance of the 1 series says a lot more than just that.

2013 128i

There was no significant changes to this years model for the 128i. There is an optional M Sports Package, which simply just adds a more aggressive styling on the front, with intakes and darkened window frames. The 128i, like the other 1 Series models has a convertible body style, and with it comes a cloth top, that folds in about twenty-two seconds, and can be used at speeds up to 25 mph. The interior of the 128i is quite straightforward. It comes with dual-zone climate control, and an optional navigation system. It comes with vinyl seats, with an option to upgrade to leather. For safety features it offers the option for rear parking sensors. For a small compact vehicle, the 128i puts out quite a bit of power with its inline six-cylinder engine and 230 horsepower. It has been noted to go from 0-60 in the six to seven seconds range, depending on the transmission. If this isn't enough power for you then read on to learn about the 135i.

2013 135i

One slight grade about the 128i in the 1 Series model lineup is the 135i and 135is. New to the 135is this year is a new turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine which offers 320 horsepower. Also the 135is offers a unique performance exhaust, and cooling system. One the outside are 18 inch wheels, a black grille and side mirrors. Inside the 135is gets stainless steel pedals, with an option to get black leather with a fashionable blue stitching. Just below that is the 135i, which has a high-performance turbocharged engine that produces only 300 horsepower. Like the 128i, it has interior options like the navigational system. The new 135i and 135is also come in two body styles, the coupe or convertible.


The 2013 BMW 1 Series is designed for drivers who want to enjoy the thrill of owning a BMW without the heavy tag. Being its entry-level in terms of price of all the BMW models, the 1 Series still offers an incredible amount of power for just being a compact vehicle. Plus with a brand like BMW, you should expect a sleek design, and an interior that offers comfort and luxury, perfectly blended together.